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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

House Chamber
Time: 9:00 AM

HJR23-1021 by Representative(s) Michaelson Jenet and Weinberg; alsoSenator(s) Gardner and Ginal--Concerning the commemoration
of the Holocaust.
(Laid Over from April 10, 2023.)
HJR23-1022 by Representative(s) Winter T., Armagost, Bockenfeld,
Bottoms, Bradfield, Bradley, Catlin, DeGraaf, Evans, Frizell,
Hartsook, Holtorf, Luck, Lynch, Pugliese, Soper, Taggart,
Weinberg, Wilson; also Senator(s) Pelton R., Baisley, Liston,
Pelton B.--Concerning the effect of section 216 of President
Biden's Executive Order 14008 on Colorado.
(Laid Over from April 10, 2023.)

Bills being heard:
    HB23-HJR1021 Holocaust Commemoration
    HB23-HJR1022 Colorado Opposition 30 By 30 Public Land Plan
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