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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

House Chamber
Time: 9:00 AM

HB23-1245 by Representative(s) Parenti and Willford; also Senator(s)
Priola--Concerning requirements under the "Fair Campaign
Practices Act" for municipal elections.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, April 14, 2023.)
(Laid Over from April 15, 2023.)
SB23-180 by Senator(s) Cutter and Baisley, Priola; also Representative(s)
Titone and Weinberg, Parenti--Concerning changes to the
state's payroll system to codify current pay periods for state
(Laid Over from April 15, 2023.)
SB23-183 by Senator(s) Priola and Baisley, Bridges, Cutter, Fenberg,
Hinrichsen, Roberts, Winter F.; also Representative(s) Titone
and Weinberg
, Parenti, Story--Concerning the elimination of
the requirement that a local government obtain voter approval to
provide certain communications services.
(Laid Over from April 15, 2023.)
SB23-069 by Senator(s) Hinrichsen and Will; also Representative(s)
McLachlan--Concerning the requirements to operate a
motorboat in this state.
SB23-004 by Senator(s) Marchman and Jaquez Lewis; also Representative(s) Michaelson Jenet and Young--Concerning
employment of certain school-based therapists.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, April 17, 2023.)
HB23-1162 by Representative(s) Woodrow; also Senator(s) Rodriguez--
Concerning the regulation of consumer legal funding
transactions, and, in connection therewith, authorizing the
administrator of the "Uniform Consumer Credit Code" to adopt
rules regulating creditor-imposed charges for certain consumer
credit transactions that are secured by a consumer's potential
proceeds from a settlement or judgment obtained in an
associated legal claim.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, April 17, 2023.)
HB23-1218 by Representative(s) Brown and Titone; also Senator(s) Jaquez
Lewis--Concerning requiring that a health-care facility inform
patients as part of the informed consent process of services that
the health-care facility refuses to provide to patients when the
refusal is for nonmedical reasons, and, in connection therewith,
making an appropriation.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, April 17, 2023.)
HB23-1209 by Representative(s) Boesenecker and McCormick; also
Senator(s) Jaquez Lewis--Concerning the analysis of a universal
health-care system.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, April 17, 2023.)
HB23-1215 by Representative(s) Sirota and Boesenecker; also Senator(s)
Mullica and Cutter--Concerning limitations on hospital facility
(Amended as printed in House Journal, April 17, 2023.)
HB23-1136 by Representative(s) Ortiz and Hartsook; also Senator(s)
Winter F. and Liston--Concerning health insurance coverage for
a prosthetic device necessary for a covered person to engage in
certain types of activities.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, April 17, 2023.)

Bills being heard:
    HB23-1136 Prosthetic Devices For Recreational Activity
    HB23-1162 Consumer Legal Funding Transactions
    HB23-1209 Analyze Statewide Publicly Financed Health-care
    HB23-1215 Limits On Hospital Facility Fees
    HB23-1218 Health Facility Patient Information Denied Service
    HB23-1245 Campaign Practices For Municipal Elections
    SB23-004 Employment Of School Mental Health Professionals
    SB23-069 Requirements To Operate A Motorboat
    SB23-180 Restore Current Pay Periods For State Employees
    SB23-183 Local Government Provision Of Communications Services
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