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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

House Chamber
Time: 9:00 AM

(Conference Committee(s) has/have been appointed, but has/have not reported.The only House motions in order at this point: Request permission for the
committee to go beyond the scope of the differences between the House and the
Senate; Adhere to or Recede from the House position.)

SB23-028 by Senator(s) Gonzales; also Representative(s) Epps and Soper-
-Concerning the penalty for committing any of certain offenses
involving the operation of a commercial vehicle.
House Conferees: Representative(s) Epps, Chair, Soper, Weissman
Senate Conferees: Senator(s) Gonzales, Chair, Hinrichsen, Pelton R.
HB23-1101 by Representative(s) Vigil and Bacon; also Senator(s) Winter F.
and Hinrichsen--Concerning support for transit, and, in
connection therewith, increasing the flexibility of the ozone
season transit grant program and increasing opportunities for
transit agency participation in regional transportation planning.
House Conferees: Representative(s) Bacon, Chair, Vigil, Catlin
Senate Conferees: Senator(s) Winter F., Chair, Hinrichsen, Kirkmeyer

Bills being heard:
    HB23-1101 Ozone Season Transit Grant Program Flexibility
    SB23-028 Penalty For Commercial Vehicle Offenses
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