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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

House Chamber
Time: 9:00 AM

HB23-1224 by Representative(s) Brown and Jodeh; also Senator(s)
Roberts--Concerning changes to the "Colorado Standardized
Health Benefit Plan Act".
(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 20, 2023.)
HB23-1089 by Representative(s) Young; also Senator(s) Zenzinger--
Concerning the continuation of special education services for a
student in foster care when the student moves.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 20, 2023.)
SB23-150 by Senator(s) Roberts and Will, Kolker; also Representative(s)
Froelich and Frizell, Lukens--Concerning a requirement that
certain persons label disposable wipes.
HB23-1225 by Representative(s) deGruy Kennedy and Dickson; also
Senator(s) Jaquez Lewis--Concerning the prescription drug
affordability board, and, in connection therewith, modifying the
affordability review process, allowing the board to establish
upper payment limits for an unlimited number of prescription
drugs, clarifying which board functions are subject to judicial
review, authorizing an individual to request an independent
external review of a denial of a request for benefits for a
prescription drug that has been withdrawn from sale or
distribution in the state, and extending the repeal date of the
(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 20, 2023.)

Bills being heard:
    HB23-1089 Special Education Services For Students In Foster Care
    HB23-1224 Standardized Health Benefit Plan
    HB23-1225 Extend And Modify Prescription Drug Affordability Board
    SB23-150 Require Labeling Disposable Wipes
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