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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

House Chamber
Time: 10:00 AM

HB23-1042 by Representative(s) Bacon and Sharbini; also Senator(s)
Gonzales--Concerning narrowing admissibility standards for
juvenile statements to protect the voluntariness of such
statements, and, in connection therewith, making an
(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 8, 2023.)
(Laid Over from March 9, 2023.)
HB23-1219 by Representative(s) Froelich and Amabile, Bacon,
Boesenecker, Brown, deGruy Kennedy, Dickson, Epps, Garcia,
Gonzales-Gutierrez, Hamrick, Herod, Jodeh, Joseph, Kipp,
Lindsay, Lindstedt, Mabrey, McCormick, Michaelson Jenet,
Ortiz, Parenti, Ricks, Sirota, Story, Willford, Woodrow; also
Senator(s) Sullivan and Hansen, Cutter, Fields, Gonzales, Jaquez
Lewis, Kolker, Mullica--Concerning establishing a minimum
three-day waiting period prior to the delivery of a purchased
(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 9 and March 10, 2023.)
HB23-1202 by Representative(s) Epps and Willford, Mabrey, Amabile,
Bacon, Boesenecker, Brown, deGruy Kennedy, Dickson,
English, Garcia, Gonzales-Gutierrez, Jodeh, Joseph, Lieder,
Lindsay, Lindstedt, Michaelson Jenet, Ortiz, Sharbini, Sirota,
Story, Titone, Valdez, Velasco, Vigil, Weissman, Woodrow,
Kipp; also Senator(s) Priola and Gonzales, Coleman, Cutter,
Fields, Jaquez Lewis, Winter F.--Concerning the ability of a
municipality to authorize the establishment of life-saving
overdose prevention centers.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 10, 2023.)
SB23-077 by Senator(s) Hinrichsen; also Representative(s) Froelich and
--Concerning prohibiting the inclusion of certain terms
in a broker engagement contract.

Bills being heard:
    HB23-1042 Admissibility Standards For Juvenile Statements
    HB23-1202 Overdose Prevention Center Authorization
    HB23-1219 Waiting Period To Deliver A Firearm
    SB23-077 Restrictions On Broker Engagement Contracts
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