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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

Bill Detail: SB24-141

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Title Out-of-State Telehealth Providers
Status Senate Committee on Finance Refer Unamended to Appropriations (02/27/2024)
Bill Subjects
  • Health Care & Health Insurance
  • Professions & Occupations
House Sponsors
Senate Sponsors K. Van Winkle (R)
D. Michaelson Jenet (D)
House Committee
Senate Committee Health and Human Services
Date Introduced 02/07/2024

The bill allows a health-care provider (applicant) who possesses
a license, certificate, registration, or other approval as a health-care
provider in another state (out-of-state credential) to provide health-care
services through telehealth to patients located in Colorado if the applicant
registers with the regulator that regulates the health-care services the
applicant will provide (regulator). An applicant is eligible for registration
  • The applicant submits an application in a manner
prescribed by the division of professions and occupations
in the department of regulatory agencies (division) and
pays the applicable fee;
  • The applicant possesses an out-of-state credential issued by
a governmental authority in another state, the District of
Columbia, or a possession or territory of the United States
that is active and unencumbered and that entitles the
applicant to perform health-care services that are
substantially similar to health-care services that may be
performed by a licensee, certificate holder, or registrant in
this state;
  • The applicant designates an agent upon whom service of
process may be made in Colorado; and
  • The applicant has not been subject to any disciplinary
action relating to the applicant's out-of-state credential
during the 5-year period immediately preceding the
submission of the applicant's application that has resulted
in the applicant's out-of-state credential being limited,
suspended, or revoked.
An applicant who has been registered to provide health-care
services through telehealth to patients located in Colorado (registered
provider) shall:
  • Notify the applicable regulator of restrictions placed on the
registered provider's out-of-state credential in any state or
jurisdiction or of any disciplinary action taken or pending
against the registered provider in any state or jurisdiction;
  • Maintain and have in effect a form of financial
responsibility that covers services provided to patients in
this state as required by the applicable regulator; and
  • Not open an office in this state and shall not provide
in-person health-care services to patients located in this
state unless the health-care provider obtains the license,
certification, or registration that the applicable regulator
requires for the performance of the relevant health-care
services in this state.
The bill also allows the division or the regulator to take
disciplinary action against a registered provider under specified

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