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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

Bill Detail: SB24-103

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Title Labor & Employment Statutes Technical Changes
Status Governor Signed (03/22/2024)
Bill Subjects
  • Labor & Employment
House Sponsors B. McLachlan (D)
Senate Sponsors J. Ginal (D)
B. Pelton (R)
House Committee Business Affairs and Labor
Senate Committee Business, Labor and Technology
Date Introduced 01/26/2024

Statutory Revision Committee. Section 1 of the bill corrects a
cross reference to the annual Colorado talent report by deleting a
reference to a subsection that does not exist within the article regarding
intrastate air service within the state of Colorado.
Section 2 removes unnecessary language to clarify that a
qualifying organization that receives a grant from the immigration legal
defense fund shall only use the grant for services that include providing
indigent clients with representation before the board of immigration
appeals within the United States department of justice, but not
representation before a United States district court, a United States circuit
court of appeals, or the United States supreme court.
Section 3 clarifies that the approval granted by a state
apprenticeship agency refers to the approval of an apprenticeship
Sections 4 and 5 correct inconsistencies in the membership of 2
committees regarding apprenticeships. Current law establishing the
committee for apprenticeship in the building and construction trades
(CABCT) states that the CABCT consists of 16 members, but the statute
outlines the appointment of 17 members. The bill changes the total
membership of the CABCT to 17 members. Current law also dictates that
the governor appoints 7 members to serve concurrently on both the
CABCT and the committee for apprenticeship in new and emerging
industries (CANEI). This conflicts with current law establishing the
CANEI, which states that the governor appoints 6 members to the
CANEI, only 5 of whom serve concurrently on the CABCT. There are
presently 7 members appointed by the governor on the CANEI who serve
concurrently on the CABCT. The bill resolves this conflict by clarifying
that the governor appoints 7 members to the CANEI, all of whom are
concurrently appointed to the CABCT.

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