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Legislative Year: 2023 Change

Bill Detail: SB23-267

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Title Chatfield State Park Water Quality Fee
Status Governor Signed (06/06/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Water
House Sponsors B. Titone (D)
B. Bradley (R)
Senate Sponsors K. Van Winkle (R)
L. Cutter (D)
House Committee Finance
Senate Committee Agriculture and Natural Resources
Date Introduced 04/04/2023

The bill requires the division of parks and wildlife (division) to
require each visitor to Chatfield state park to pay, in addition to any other
fee that the division charges for admission to the park, a water quality fee
in the following amount:
  • For a person who pays the daily fee to enter the park, the
amount of the water quality fee is $1, to be paid for each
visit; and
  • For a person who uses an annual parks pass or a keep
Colorado wild pass to enter the park, the amount of the
water quality fee is $3, to be paid once annually.
Beginning April 1, 2024, and every 3 months thereafter, the
division shall pay the total amount of money collected during the
preceding 3 months as water quality fees to the Chatfield watershed
authority (authority); except that the division may retain up to 3% of the
money to pay the division's administrative expenses. The authority is
required to expend the money to provide for a regional, coordinated
approach to phosphorous and other nonpoint source pollution control in
the Chatfield watershed, including providing for the construction,
operation, and maintenance of nonpoint source projects, water quality
monitoring, and urban runoff and erosion management and control.
The water quality fee and associated requirements are repealed,
effective January 1, 2029.

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