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Legislative Year: 2023 Change

Bill Detail: SB23-229

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Title Statewide Behavioral Health Court Liaison Office
Status Governor Signed (04/27/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Courts & Judicial
House Sponsors R. Bockenfeld (R)
E. Sirota (D)
Senate Sponsors J. Bridges (D)
B. Kirkmeyer (R)
House Committee Appropriations
Senate Committee Appropriations
Date Introduced 03/24/2023

Joint Budget Committee. Under existing law, the state court
administrator administers a statewide behavioral health court liaison
program, known as the bridges program (program), to identify local
behavioral health professionals to serve as court liaisons in each state
judicial district who facilitate communication and collaboration between
judicial and behavioral health systems.
The bill establishes the office of the statewide behavioral health
court liaison (office) as an independent agency within the judicial
department to administer the program. The head of the office is the
The bill establishes the bridges program commission (commission)
to support the office. The commission appoints the director of the office,
provides guidance to the office, provides fiscal oversight of the office's
general operating budget, participates in program services funding
decisions, and assists with the office's duties concerning program training
and public outreach.
The bill clarifies the scope, requirements, and duties of the
program, including requiring the program to inform county attorneys of
available behavioral health services and connect participants to, and
support engagement with, relevant services. The bill clarifies the duties
of the program's court liaisons, including:
  • Addressing system gaps and barriers and promoting
positive outcomes for program participants;
  • Keeping judges, district attorneys, county attorneys, and
defense attorneys informed about available
community-based behavioral health services; and
  • Providing consultation and training to criminal and juvenile
justice personnel regarding behavioral health and
community treatment options and program best practices.
The bill authorizes the office to fund services for participants,
either by providing the services or contracting with an entity to provide
the services.
The office is required to annually report to the joint budget
committee about the office's work and administration of the program.
The bill makes and reduces appropriations.

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