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Legislative Year: 2023 Change

Bill Detail: SB23-210

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Title Update Administration Of Certain Human Services
Status Governor Signed (05/24/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Children & Domestic Matters
  • Human Services
House Sponsors N. Ricks (D)
L. Frizell (R)
Senate Sponsors T. Exum Sr. (D)
House Committee Public and Behavioral Health & Human Services
Senate Committee Health and Human Services
Date Introduced 03/20/2023

Section 2 of the bill repeals the statute that:
  • Creates in each region of the division of youth services a
community board to promote transparency and community
involvement in division of youth services' facilities within
the region, provide opportunities for youth to build positive
relationships with adult role models, and promote youth
involvement within the community; and
  • Specifies the number, manner of appointment, and required
qualifications of community board members and meeting
requirements for a community board.
Section 3 modifies the process for the resolution of grievances
filed against county departments of human and social services (county
department) concerning the conduct of county department personnel in
the performance of their duties relating to children who may be neglected
or dependent by:
  • Repealing the requirement that a citizen review panel be
created consisting of citizens who are representative of the
community, have demonstrable personal or professional
knowledge and experience with children, and are not
employees or agents of the department of human services
(state department) or any county department;
  • Requiring referral of grievances that are currently referred
to a citizen review panel to instead be referred to the office
of the child protection ombudsman (child ombudsman) for
  • Repealing grievance review processes and requirements
relating to citizen review panels;
  • Requiring each county department to post information
about the grievance process on its public website or
otherwise provide information concerning the grievance
process to individuals involved in the county child welfare
system; and
  • Clarifying that the grievance resolution process allows a
person who wishes to file a grievance to do so directly to
the child ombudsman.
Section 4 specifies that if fewer than all the 17 members of the law
enforcement community services grant program committee created in the
division of local government of the department of local affairs
(department) provided for by statute are appointed as of June 30, 2023,
the executive director of the department shall determine the number of
members of the committee; except that the committee must consist of at
least 9 members.
Section 1 and sections 5 through 15 clarify existing provisions
relating to compensation and reimbursement of expenses for members of
specific boards and commissions that focus on functions related to human
and social services.

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