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Legislative Year: 2023 Change

Bill Detail: SB23-111

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Title Public Employees' Workplace Protection
Status Governor Signed (06/06/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Labor & Employment
House Sponsors B. Titone (D)
S. Woodrow (D)
Senate Sponsors R. Rodriguez (D)
House Committee State, Civic, Military and Veterans Affairs
Senate Committee Local Government and Housing
Date Introduced 01/31/2023

The National Labor Relations Act does not apply to federal,
state, or local governments and the Colorado Labor Peace Act excludes
governmental entities, with an exception for mass transportation systems,
leaving public employees without the protection afforded by these labor
laws. The bill grants certain public employees, including individuals
employed by counties, municipalities, fire authorities, school districts,
public colleges and universities, library districts, special districts, public
defender's offices, the university of Colorado hospital authority, the
Denver health and hospital authority, the general assembly, and a board
of cooperative services, the right to:
  • Discuss or express views regarding public employee
representation or workplace issues;
  • Engage in protected, concerted activity for the purpose of
mutual aid or protection;
  • Fully participate in the political process while off duty and
not in uniform, including speaking with members of the
public employer's governing body on terms and conditions
of employment and any matter of public concern and
engaging in other political activities in the same manner as
other citizens of Colorado without discrimination,
intimidation, or retaliation; and
  • Organize, form, join, or assist an employee organization or
refrain from organizing, forming, joining, or assisting an
employee organization.
The bill also prohibits certain public employers from
discriminating against, coercing, intimidating, interfering with, or
imposing reprisals against a public employee for engaging in any of the
rights granted.
The Colorado department of labor and employment (department)
is charged with enforcing any alleged violation of these rights and is
granted rule-making authority. A party may appeal the department's final
decision to the Colorado court of appeals. The bill requires the court of
appeals to give deference to the department.

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