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Legislative Year: 2023 Change

Bill Detail: SB23-092

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Title Agricultural Producers Use Of Agrivoltaics
Status Governor Signed (05/18/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Agriculture
House Sponsors M. Soper (R)
K. McCormick (D)
Senate Sponsors C. Hansen (D)
C. Simpson (R)
House Committee Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources
Senate Committee Agriculture and Natural Resources
Date Introduced 01/30/2023

In support of the use of agrivoltaics, which is the integration of
solar energy generation facilities with agricultural activities, section 2 of
the bill authorizes the agricultural drought and climate resilience office
(office) to award grants for new or ongoing demonstration or research
projects that demonstrate or study the use of agrivoltaics. On or before
October 1, 2023, the office is required to convene a stakeholder group to
advise on whether the office should impose any operational requirements
for agrivoltaic projects that apply for grants.
Section 4 authorizes the Colorado water conservation board
(board) to finance a project to study the feasibility of using aquavoltaics,
which are solar energy generation facilities placed over, or floating on,
irrigation canals or reservoirs.
Section 1 requires the director of the division of parks and wildlife
to consult on the impacts on wildlife of:
  • Any research projects for which the office awards money
to study the use of agrivoltaics; and
  • The project that the board finances to study the feasibility
of using aquavoltaics in the state.
Section 5 amends the statutory definition of solar energy facility,
used in determining the valuation of public utilities for property tax
purposes, to include agrivoltaics and aquavoltaics.
Section 3 requires the commissioner of agriculture or the
commissioner's designee (commissioner), in consultation with the
Colorado energy office, the air quality control commission, and an
institution of higher education with expertise in climate change
mitigation, adaptation benefits, and other environmental benefits related
to agricultural research, to examine greenhouse gas reduction and carbon
sequestration opportunities in the agricultural sector, including the use of
dry digesters and the potential for creating and offering a certified
greenhouse gas offset program and credit instruments in the agricultural
Section 3 requires the commissioner to submit a progress report
on the study to the general assembly on or before October 1, 2024, and a
final report, including any recommendations, on or before October 1,
Section 3 also authorizes the commissioner to adopt rules to
implement the recommendations, but requires that any greenhouse gas
offset program or other greenhouse gas reduction and carbon
sequestration program or mechanism established in rule not mandate
participation by agricultural producers.

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