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Legislative Year: 2023 Change

Bill Detail: SB23-090

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Title Uniform Commercial Code 2022 Amendments
Status Governor Signed (05/01/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Business & Economic Development
  • Financial Services & Commerce
House Sponsors M. Snyder (D)
Senate Sponsors R. Gardner (R)
House Committee Judiciary
Senate Committee Judiciary
Date Introduced 01/27/2023

Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws. The bill makes
changes to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), drafted by the
Uniform Law Commission.
The 2022 amendments update the UCC to account for emerging
technologies by:
  • Amending the definitions of conspicuous, send, and
  • Adding the definition of electronic; and
  • Changing current references to writing or written to
refer instead to a record.
The 2022 amendments update the provisions of the UCC related
to secured transactions by:
  • Addressing security interests and rights to payment related
to controllable electronic records;
  • Specifying how to perfect security interests in controllable
accounts and controllable payment intangibles;
  • Updating the definition of chattel paper to distinguish
between a right to payment and the record evidencing the
right to payment;
  • Updating definitions related to money generally, including
creating a new definition of electronic money; and
  • Creating a new definition of assignee and assignor.
The bill creates a new article within the UCC that governs the
transfer of property rights in certain intangible digital assets that have
been or may be created and may involve the use of new technologies,
including such assets as certain types of virtual currency and nonfungible
The bill provides guidance for which laws apply during the
transition from the current UCC to the UCC as amended by the bill.

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