Bill Detail: SB23-051

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Title Conforming Workforce Development Statutes
Status Governor Signed (03/23/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Labor & Employment
House Sponsors D. Ortiz (D)
M. Lukens (D)
Senate Sponsors T. Sullivan (D)
N. Hinrichsen (D)
House Committee Business Affairs and Labor
Senate Committee Business, Labor and Technology
Date Introduced 01/17/2023

The office of future of work (OFW) was created in the department
of labor and employment (department) by executive order of the governor
in 2019 for the purpose of studying unemployment assistance. The bill
creates the OFW in statute and expands the duties of the OFW. The
purpose of the OFW is to:
  • Identify opportunities for Colorado's communities to
transition effectively to emerging industries;
  • Ensure the inclusion of key stakeholders and engage
partnerships across public and private sectors;
  • Host, organize, and convene task forces, summits, and
other appropriate meetings with diverse stakeholders,
designed to improve the state's understanding of the social
and economic impacts of the changing nature of work;
  • Explore ways that the state can prepare for current and
future impacts, including through the modernization of
worker benefits and protections, the development of a
skilled and resilient workforce through coordination of
registered apprenticeship programs, and the identification
of new policy and program solutions; and
  • Undertake studies, research, and factual reports related to
issues of concern and importance to Colorado's future
The executive director of the department is required to submit a
report to the governor, at least once per calendar year, that includes
recommendations for potential policy initiatives.
In 2021, House Bill 21-1007 created the state apprenticeship
agency (SAA) in the department. The bill amends Colorado statutes to
enable the United States department of labor's office of apprenticeship to
recognize Colorado's state apprenticeship agency and authorize the SAA
to register and oversee apprenticeship programs. To conform with
regulations promulgated by the United States secretary of labor under the
federal National Apprenticeship Act, the bill:
  • Modifies references to apprenticeships in Colorado
  • Changes the state apprenticeship council to the council for
apprenticeship in the building and construction trades; and
  • Changes the interagency advisory committee on
apprenticeship to the council for apprenticeship in new and
emerging industries.

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