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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

Bill Detail: HB24-1442

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Title Capital Building Advisory Committee Modifications
Status Sent to the Governor (05/23/2024)
Bill Subjects
House Sponsors W. Lindstedt (D)
Senate Sponsors S. Fenberg (D)
House Committee State, Civic, Military and Veterans Affairs
Senate Committee State, Veterans and Military Affairs
Date Introduced 04/09/2024

The capitol building advisory committee (committee) advises the
general assembly regarding the protection of the historic character of the
capitol building and other buildings in the capitol annex. The bill
modifies the statute that creates and specifies the duties of the committee
as follows:
  • Clarifies that it is the general assembly's intent that the
committee will advise the general assembly regarding the
protection of the capitol building's historic character,
including its art, memorials, furniture, and architectural
  • Clarifies that the ex officio members of the committee are
voting members of the committee in accordance with
current practice;
  • Adds the capitol building annex to the list of buildings for
which the committee is required to review, advise, and
make recommendations to the capital development
committee regarding plans to restore, redecorate, and
reconstruct historic elements of the building;
  • Specifies the buildings and areas within the capitol
complex for which the committee may engage in
long-range planning for modifications and improvements;
  • Requires the committee to determine, based on consultation
with and the recommendations of history Colorado, which
art, memorials, architectural fixtures, and furniture that is
original to the state capitol building is part of the state's
collection of historic materials known as the Colorado
collection (Colorado collection); and
  • Clarifies that the committee has authority over publications
on the history of the state capitol building and that the
committee may authorize other state capitol building
memorabilia for sale to the public.
In addition, history Colorado, at the direction and under the
supervision of the committee, is required to inventory all art, memorials,
architectural fixtures, and furniture that is original to the state capitol
building and make recommendations to the capitol building advisory
committee regarding which items are appropriate for inclusion in the
Colorado collection. The bill specifies that history Colorado holds in trust
for the people of Colorado any items original to the capitol building that
are part of the Colorado collection, but that the advisory committee
retains authority over the collection on behalf of the general assembly and
in accordance with the policies and requirements of the state register of
historic properties.

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