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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

Bill Detail: HB24-1375

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Title Wild Carnivores & Livestock Nonlethal Coexistence
Status House Committee on Agriculture, Water & Natural Resources Postpone Indefinitely (04/01/2024)
Bill Subjects
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resources & Environment
House Sponsors T. Story (D)
Senate Sponsors K. Priola (D)
House Committee Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources
Senate Committee
Date Introduced 03/13/2024

Current law authorizes a livestock owner (owner) to be
compensated when a game animal or a gray wolf kills livestock, a
livestock guard, or a herding animal. To receive compensation for native
carnivore depredation under current law, the bill requires the owner to:
  • Employ nonlethal coexistence strategies; and
  • Appropriately dispose of a livestock carcass in a manner
that makes the livestock carcass inedible for native
If an owner fails to appropriately dispose of a livestock carcass in
violation of the bill and this failure results in depredation, the division of
parks and wildlife (division) may not issue a permit to kill the native
For the purposes of receiving compensation under current law, the
bill also changes the definition of a working animal from livestock guard
or herding animal to livestock guardian dog, and the effect of this
change is to stop compensation for herding animals and guard animals
that are not dogs. In addition, the livestock guardian dog must be trained
and working when depredated.
When native carnivores establish a presence in an area, the parks
and wildlife commission must create a conflict prevention plan, which
must include appropriate nonlethal measures. The bill sets standards for
the plan. Then, the division must coordinate with and educate owners
within the area to implement proactive nonlethal coexistence strategies.
The division will hire native-carnivore coexistence officers to implement
the bill.
The division must keep records of the claims and their disposition
and issue a report to the relevant legislative committees.
The division and the department of agriculture must coordinate
and cooperate with each other to implement the bill.
The division may seek and expend gifts, grants, and donations for
native-carnivore nonlethal coexistence.

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