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Legislative Year: 2024 Change

Bill Detail: HB24-1137

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Title Implement Fraudulent Filings Group Recommendations
Status House Committee on Business Affairs & Labor Refer Unamended to Appropriations (02/08/2024)
Bill Subjects
  • State Government
House Sponsors R. Taggart (R)
T. Mauro (D)
Senate Sponsors
House Committee Business Affairs and Labor
Senate Committee
Date Introduced 01/29/2024

The bill implements the legislative recommendations of the
fraudulent filings working group as identified in the working group's
February 2023 report.
Section 4 of the bill implements recommendation one, which
requires a registered agent who is an individual and not a business entity
to hold a valid Colorado driver's license or state identification.
Section 4 also implements recommendation 2, which requires a
registered agent that is a business entity to be in good standing in the
Colorado business registry.
Sections 1 and 4 implement recommendation 3, which prohibits
a registered agent from using a United States or commercial post office
box as the registered agent's address.
Sections 3, 5, and 6 implement recommendation 4, which
authorizes the secretary of state to change an entity's status to delinquent
in the business registry immediately following a finding or concession
that the entity was created or registered without authorization or for
fraudulent purposes.
Section 3 also implements recommendation 5, which allows a law
enforcement agency to initiate a fraudulent filing complaint.
Section 7 implements recommendation 6, which allows an entity
that has been delinquent for 5 years or longer to cure its delinquency only
after the filing of an affidavit and photographic identification in addition
to the already required statement.
Section 8 implements recommendation 7, which allows an entity
that has been dissolved for 2 years or longer to be reinstated only after the
filing of an affidavit and photographic identification in addition to the
already required articles of reinstatement.
Section 2 implements recommendation 8, which simplifies the
perjury statement affirmed by all persons when delivering a document to
be filed with the secretary of state.

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