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Legislative Year: 2023 Change

Bill Detail: HB23-1311

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Title Identical Temporary TABOR Refund
Status Governor Signed (05/24/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • State Revenue & Budget
House Sponsors M. Weissman (D)
Senate Sponsors C. Hansen (D)
N. Hinrichsen (D)
House Committee Appropriations
Senate Committee Appropriations
Date Introduced 05/06/2023

If the state exceeds its fiscal year spending limit (limit), it is
required to refund the excess state revenues (TABOR refunds). There are
currently 3 refund mechanisms for TABOR refunds that apply for the
2022-23 state fiscal year:
  • Reimbursement, paid to counties for allocation to local
governments that levy property taxes, for the reduction in
property taxes resulting from the property tax exemptions
for qualifying seniors and veterans with a disability;
  • An additional reimbursement that is paid to counties for
allocation to local governmental entities that levy property
taxes for the reduction in property taxes resulting from
reductions in valuation for assessment; and
  • A sales tax refund for individual taxpayers, the amount of
which is either based on 6 tiers of income or, if there is
insufficient revenue for the tiered approach, is an identical
refund amount.
The bill creates a new temporary refund mechanism, which is
contingent on the voters approving proposition HH at the November 7,
2023, statewide election, that replaces the sales tax refund mechanism for
the 2022-23 state fiscal year. Under this mechanism, each qualified
individual is eligible to receive an identical refund payment from the
remaining excess state revenues after refunds are made through the
county reimbursement mechanisms (remaining excess state revenues).
The amount of the refund is equal to the remaining excess state revenues
divided by the number of qualified individuals, and it is a refund from all
sources of state fiscal year spending. A qualified individual filing a single
return is entitled to one refund, and 2 qualified individuals filing a joint
return are entitled to 2 refunds. The executive director of the department
of revenue is required to administer this refund in the same manner as the
identical sales tax refund.

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