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Legislative Year: 2023 Change

Bill Detail: HB23-1157

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Title Uniform Unregulated Child Custody Transfer Act
Status Governor Signed (04/17/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Children & Domestic Matters
House Sponsors J. Joseph (D)
R. Weinberg (R)
Senate Sponsors T. Exum Sr. (D)
R. Gardner (R)
House Committee Judiciary
Senate Committee Judiciary
Date Introduced 02/01/2023

Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws. The bill enacts
the Uniform Unregulated Child Custody Transfer Act (act), drafted by
the uniform law commission.
Part 2 of the act applies to the parent or guardian of a child,
custodian of a child, or individual with whom the child has been placed
for adoption, who wishes to end the parent-child relationship and abandon
parental rights and responsibilities with respect to the child and is not
transferring custody to family or friends. Part 2 of the act prohibits:
  • Transferring custody of a child by means other than a legal
adoption or guardianship proceeding, a judicial award of
custody, other judicial or tribal action, or Colorado's safe
haven law; and
  • Soliciting or advertising to transfer custody of or locate a
child in a manner that violates the requirements of the act
or to facilitate such a transfer.
Part 3 of the act applies to the adoption of children whose physical
or psychological needs may present challenges to the adoptive parent in
caring for the child. Part 3 of the act requires child placement agencies
facilitating the adoption to:
  • Provide prospective adoptive parents with general
information about adopting children with health or
behavioral issues, specific information on the physical and
psychological health of the prospective adoptee, and
guidance and instruction on dealing with the potential
challenges that may arise in raising the adoptee; and
  • Provide information on accessing certain post-placement
and post-adoption financial assistance and supportive
services to the adoptee and parent to help preserve the

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