Bill Detail: HB23-1121

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Title Repeal Of Infrequently Used Tax Expenditures
Status Governor Signed (03/23/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Fiscal Policy & Taxes
House Sponsors S. Bird (D)
Senate Sponsors L. Liston (R)
C. Hansen (D)
House Committee Finance
Senate Committee Finance
Date Introduced 01/27/2023

Legislative Oversight Committee Concerning Tax Policy. The
bill repeals the following infrequently used tax expenditures:
  • The crop hail insurance premium tax exemption (section 1
of the bill);
  • The in-state investment pre-1959 insurance premium tax
deduction (section 1);
  • The corporate condemnation capital gains income tax
deduction (section 2);
  • The oil shale excess percentage depletion income tax
deduction (section 2);
  • The mining and milling impact assistance corporate income
tax credit (section 3);
  • The oil shale equipment and machinery severance tax
deduction (section 4);
  • The oil shale processing severance tax deduction (section
  • The oil shale severance tax rate reductions (section 4);
  • The oil shale noncommercial production severance tax
exemption (section 4); and
  • The mineral and mineral fuels impact assistance severance
tax credit (section 5).
Sections 6 and 7 make conforming amendments.

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