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Legislative Year: 2023 Change

Bill Detail: HB23-1061

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Title Alcohol Beverage Retail Establishment Permit
Status Sent to the Governor (05/17/2023)
Bill Subjects
  • Business & Economic Development
  • Liquor, Tobacco, & Marijuana
House Sponsors L. Daugherty (D)
R. Taggart (R)
Senate Sponsors R. Zenzinger (D)
House Committee Business Affairs and Labor
Senate Committee Business, Labor and Technology
Date Introduced 01/19/2023

Current law authorizes an art gallery to be issued a permit that
allows the art gallery to serve complementary alcohol beverages. Under
current law, a permit holder is prohibited from:
  • Selling alcohol beverages by the drink;
  • Serving alcohol beverages for more than 4 hours in a
24-hour period;
  • Serving alcohol beverages more than 15 days per year;
  • Charging an entrance fee or a cover charge in connection
with offering complimentary alcohol beverages;
  • Violating the Colorado Liquor Code; or
  • Allowing more than 250 people to be on the premises at
one time when alcohol beverages are being served.
The bill broadens this permit to allow all retail establishments to
obtain the permit if the establishment conducts business at a physical
building in Colorado, sells goods or services to the public at the location,
and derives less than 50% of the establishment's gross sales of goods and
services from the sale of food. The prohibitions applicable to art gallery
permit holders under current law are not changed and apply to a retail
establishment that obtains a permit; except that:
  • The prohibition on selling alcohol is broadened to cover the
sale of alcohol beverages in any form; and
  • The number of days that an establishment may serve
alcohol beverages in a year is increased from 15 to 24 days.

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